google places #1 business directory

Business Directory & Local Marketing

A business directory listing in the yellow pages used to be enough! Maybe you had to decide if you had the money for multiple phone books like Yellow Pages and The Talking Phone Book in Portsmouth, NH? The yellow pages were very expensive, more than $6,000 per year for my handyman business (3 phone books). [...]

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Learn how to find and delete unwanted Google products and services like gmail

How Many Gmail Accounts Do You Need?

When Gmail accounts are critical to your business or your life, take the time to carefully (and I mean carefully) save all required documentation. Not knowing where my journey would lead, I have created hundreds of accounts and that includes more gmail accounts than I can list. You might be wondering why I have multiple [...]

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Directories clog search engine results; SEO must put you in upper left corner

Online Directories, SEO and Getting Found

When your business is part of the construction industry, you’ve got to be visible in directories. For many years, visibility meant advertising in the yellow pages. Depending on your trade, i.e. plumbing or electrical, yellow pages were your most expensive form of advertising. Online directories are the equivalent of the yellow pages. With 1,000s of [...]

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Email marketing is inexpensive & lets you stay in touch with customers

Picking Your Email Newsletter Service

We’ve all been using email for years and take it for granted, and now the big decision is whether you want to handle your email on your smart phone. Business owners also have to decide when they’re ready to invest in an eNewsletter (also called an eZine) to stay in touch with their customers. This [...]

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You'll save time manipulating photos by forcing your flash indoors, and sometimes outdoors too.

Common Photo Problems & How to Fix Them

As home professionals, one of our best marketing tools is a digital camera. Much of our work is illustrated best with photographs and like every other skill, it takes practice to learn the best techniques. Photography is an art and we’re never going to compete with a professional photographer who you should use for high [...]

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Like every skill you learn, writing takes practice

Writing for Business: Can You Tell a Story?

Writing about your business involves many things. Most people, when I suggest they write an article, say I can’t write. If you can tell a story, then you can write! My goal is to show why you are more qualified to tell your story than anyone else. I totally understand why you think you can’t [...]

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Keyword Research: Using Google’s Keyword Tool

Keyword research is key to making sure your content gets found by people looking for your products and services. Your information may be great but it won’t help people if they can’t find it. Search engines help people find you online. You get found when you’re visible on page one of search results. Your page [...]

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Mirror, Mirror … Who Do Your Customers See?

First impressions matter a lot. They say people form first impressions in about 3 seconds. Unfortunately this means people form their impressions based on how you look, a huge challenge when you’re nervous. Let’s look at the tools we have for making a first impression. Your hair styled or do you need a haircut? Dressed [...]

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Eye Tracking: What Are People Reading

Eye tracking is a technique used to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing information. Web analytics tells you where people came from when visiting your web site, how long someone stayed on your site and the average number of pages visited. Eye tracking gives you insight into the content on a page that people actually [...]

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