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Tina Gleisner learned marketing to build her handyman business. She was so successful branding herself that other home pros started asking for help and Tina started 4 Walls 1 Roof to get everyone online via a shared website. From this start came HomeTips4Women.com, HomeDirectory4You.com and MarketingTips4Pros.com. We invite you to join our community building successful businesses and empowering women homeowners to create their dream homes.
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Do-It-Yourself Do’s and Don’ts

To everyone who wants to do it themselves, I applaud you. When I started building the Association of Home Professionals and the Association of Women Home Owners, it was my goal to provide training and tools to help others learn how to do their own marketing. It wasn’t until I got started that I came [...]

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Business Directory Overload: How Many? Which Ones? Help!

There are hundreds of online directories and more popping up every week! Home professionals get unsolicited emails weekly recommending another directory. We occasionally notice a new directory when checking¬† google advertising placement for one of our targeted keywords and realize there’s a new player in our space and their listing is higher than mine? The [...]

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Writing Online & Organizing Your Ideas

Writing online is very different from writing an essay in school. You might have a great idea or an interesting story but if you don’t package it correctly, people won’t find it or they won’t read it, i.e. think of the books you’ve scanned at the library or the websites you’ve visited but left before [...]

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Using Google Adword Tool to Pick the Right Keywords

The Google Adword tool helps you pick the right keywords (or keyword phrases) when writing for the web. By researching and using the right keywords in your article … in the correct places, you increase the odds that the people you want to connect with will find your information when they search the web. Fortunately [...]

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Using Picnik for Photo Editing

We’re taking digital photos and uploading them to our websites but do you know the right way to do this? I recently visited a website where they had a series of photos but after viewing the first 2, I left the site because it was taking too long for each photo to display. Being friends [...]

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Service Magic seems to dominate by creating millions of web pages with same content, both business listings and articles

Service Magic by Any Name is Still Service Magic

People are always complaining that Service Magic is working to dominate the entire first page of search results by creating lots of new websites, re-purposing all the content they’ve amassed. At the same time, they’re partnering with content sites to offer their contractor referral services but not sure of this as they’re pushing contractor listings [...]

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Why Big Does Not Mean Better!

As Americans we’ve grown up in an environment where consumers drive the economy. From a young age we’re taught that more and bigger is always better. The simple truth is bigger isn’t better! One of the best things to come out of our current (2010) economy is that people are having to rethink and re-prioritize [...]

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Tips 4 Our Radio Show Guests to Have Fun

Yikes, you’re thrilled and scared at the same time. You just got invited to be a guest on a national radio show. Relax and accept the invitation if you know and trust the radio show host. When you don’t know the host well, check out some earlier shows to make sure you like what happened, [...]

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Writing to Inform and Entertain

Don’t groan! Don’t sigh! Don’t tell me you can’t write! You can write as I’ve worked with more than 20 home services professionals and all but one could write. It’s not magic. Like everything else, it’s takes practice to learn to read, drive a car, run your business and share your expertise by writing. Why [...]

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