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Learn how to find and delete unwanted Google products and services like gmail

How Many Gmail Accounts Do You Need?

When Gmail accounts are critical to your business or your life, take the time to carefully (and I mean carefully) save all required documentation. Not knowing where my journey would lead, I have created hundreds of accounts and that includes more gmail accounts than I can list. You might be wondering why I have multiple [...]

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Email marketing is inexpensive & lets you stay in touch with customers

Picking Your Email Newsletter Service

We’ve all been using email for years and take it for granted, and now the big decision is whether you want to handle your email on your smart phone. Business owners also have to decide when they’re ready to invest in an eNewsletter (also called an eZine) to stay in touch with their customers. This [...]

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Mirror, Mirror … Who Do Your Customers See?

First impressions matter a lot. They say people form first impressions in about 3 seconds. Unfortunately this means people form their impressions based on how you look, a huge challenge when you’re nervous. Let’s look at the tools we have for making a first impression. Your hair styled or do you need a haircut? Dressed [...]

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Why Big Does Not Mean Better!

As Americans we’ve grown up in an environment where consumers drive the economy. From a young age we’re taught that more and bigger is always better. The simple truth is bigger isn’t better! One of the best things to come out of our current (2010) economy is that people are having to rethink and re-prioritize [...]

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People, Not Target Customers

Talk About People: Not Customers, Not Consumers, Not Users Change is happening lightening fast these days, so one way to learn new things is by following the lead of those you respect. Janice Campbell is one of these leaders, so I decided in accept her blog challenge, and hope to get ideas for members here. [...]

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Building Your Sphere of Influence

Social Media: Fight or Join?

When we’re children, our job is to go to school and learn. When we graduate, learning no longer is the focus of our daily life but as the world changes, we need to keep learning new technical skills, and with today’s social media revolution … we also need to learn new ways of communicating. It’s [...]

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Marketing to Baby Boomers

As a home professional, you need to understand who your customer is, not just the age or their home. You need to understand their lifestyle, their priorities in how they spend money and how they make buying decisions. An article in the National Networker, What Boomers Want: Tips for Marketing to the Spending Generation, inspired [...]

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Social Media No Longer Optional

Social media used to be one more marketing channel to connect with your target customers. Businesses used to drive marketing but rapidly, the world is tilting and people are driving how they connect with businesses, and to stay vital you need to meet them where they are! Social Media is a Revolution Social Media is [...]

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Event Goody Bags: What To Put in Them?

Finding the perfect item to put into an event goody bag still baffles m. Last night I attended the Boston North Shore networking event, hosted by Laura Rocha. Laura took over as managing director earlier this year and she’s putting a lot of creative energy into these events. I was amazed atboth the quantity, and [...]

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Frequent Communication Works Best

We’re all very busy so it’s easy to skip basic communications with our customers. Frequently our customers focus on exactly what we forgot to communicate, i.e. the door we ordered that are late or … I just learned my new laptop missed the FedX cutoff time in Shanghai, so it will be arriving a day [...]

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