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Frequent Communication Works Best

We’re all very busy so it’s easy to skip basic communications with our customers. Frequently our customers focus on exactly what we forgot to communicate, i.e. the door we ordered that are late or … I just learned my new laptop missed the FedX cutoff time in Shanghai, so it will be arriving a day [...]

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Customer Follow-Up: Tools to Automate & Support

Are you overwhelmed with keeping track of people you’ve met, those who’ve responded to your newsletter and other follow-ups? That’s what made me sit up tall when someone suggested I look at a product called InfusionSoft, which could help me manage all this activity. I signed up for a trial, learned a lot (look for [...]

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Balancing Marketing and Sales

OK, I admit I’m not a marketing guru … yet. Working for IBM, I knew there were IBM marketing reps … and now I know they’re really sales reps but marketing rep sounds better? I’ve also learned every small business owner is first and foremost, a sales person, and I’m learning that the first thing [...]

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Asking for Referrals

We enjoy interacting with our customers and do an excellent job of focusing on their needs. It’s also possible to leverage these conversations to build our business. We all have excuses for not asking for referrals, so here are ideas to help you overcome these hurdles. Because your customers already know and trust you, it [...]

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7 Reasons People Shop Independent Retailers

With more emphasis on marketing to women, the way in which marketing happens will change. I thought the following list of 7 Reasons People Want to Shop Independent Retailers (from Rick Segel’s The Retail Sign Manifesto, pg 24 … sorry but this isn’t generally available yet, but check out Rick’s other great books/e-books) was very [...]

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