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Mirror, Mirror … Who Do Your Customers See?

First impressions matter a lot. They say people form first impressions in about 3 seconds. Unfortunately this means people form their impressions based on how you look, a huge challenge when you’re nervous. Let’s look at the tools we have for making a first impression. Your hair styled or do you need a haircut? Dressed [...]

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People, Not Target Customers

Talk About People: Not Customers, Not Consumers, Not Users Change is happening lightening fast these days, so one way to learn new things is by following the lead of those you respect. Janice Campbell is one of these leaders, so I decided in accept her blog challenge, and hope to get ideas for members here. [...]

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Marketing to Baby Boomers

As a home professional, you need to understand who your customer is, not just the age or their home. You need to understand their lifestyle, their priorities in how they spend money and how they make buying decisions. An article in the National Networker, What Boomers Want: Tips for Marketing to the Spending Generation, inspired [...]

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Women Supporting Women

Yes, I’m spending way too much time online but that’s what a serial entrepreneur does when trying to launch a second business. I decided if I want to keep track of great online resources, then I must find a way to do this online and share the information with all of you. Thanks in advance [...]

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Lifestyles: How People & Jobs Are Changing

We each focus on 2 or 3 most important things affecting our lives, personal and/or professional. Sometimes it helps to look at the big picture and see how the world is changing. Our friends, employees and customers are all different. When you’re with them every day, you see the difference, much easier than when you’re [...]

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Getting Heard with 100,000s Marketing Merssages

Just had to share these numbers with you … as they’re huge, scary and representative of the challenge every small business owner faces each day. Thanks to Lani and Allen Volvod for sharing on their blog. The average person today is exposed to: 3,500 marketing messages a day! 24,000 messages A WEEK! 1.7 million a [...]

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Customers and Generational Differences

Today’s work force is comprised of 4 generations working side-by-side. Each generation has its own unique mind-set, values, perspectives, ideas, personal experiences, priorities, ways of communicating and approach for getting things done. To work well with all of these distinct generations … and to provide service to customers from these generations, we must learn how [...]

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Surveys Help You Learn What Your Customers Want

Women’s Buying Preferences

NH’s Women’s Business Center held their 5th annual WBC Celebration & Showcase this week. 45 women business owners exhibited including My Handyman. At events, I try to learn more about prospective customers including the best ways to build a relationship with them. Here are the results of my mini survey.24 people completed survey cards and [...]

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7 Reasons People Shop Independent Retailers

With more emphasis on marketing to women, the way in which marketing happens will change. I thought the following list of 7 Reasons People Want to Shop Independent Retailers (from Rick Segel’s The Retail Sign Manifesto, pg 24 … sorry but this isn’t generally available yet, but check out Rick’s other great books/e-books) was very [...]

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Women’s Role as Chief Purchasing Officer (CPO)

Marti Barletta, founder of The TrendSight Group, says “Women are the CPOs (Chief Purchasing Officers) at home and in the workplace. They control more than 80% of all consumer purchases and represent more than half of corporate buyers.” I love the CPO title! It clearly and elegantly communicates a key role that women play in [...]

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