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Like every skill you learn, writing takes practice

Writing for Business: Can You Tell a Story?

Writing about your business involves many things. Most people, when I suggest they write an article, say I can’t write. If you can tell a story, then you can write! My goal is to show why you are more qualified to tell your story than anyone else. I totally understand why you think you can’t [...]

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Blogging: Testimonials Show It Works

Blogging might seem scary at first, but most new things are a little scary until you try them. I remember when my younger son Ryan started school. Even though we’d been to the playground many times, as well as school events for his big brother, Ryan was scared about getting on the schoolbus. He knew [...]

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About You – What People Want to Know

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me. In the King and I, Anna tells her new students how she wants to get to know them. Our lives are full of relationships with those we’re related to by birth, by where we live, [...]

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Facebook: Tips to Getting Started

Blogging is perfect for sharing even small tidbits of information. When you realize you’re doing this with a friend by writing a long email, or talking forever on the phone … it’s time to blog. In fact, I use blogging to take notes at a seminar, to collect and sort out information or put my [...]

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Elevator Pitch – Have You Updated Yours?

A while back, Darren Rowse offered a free class, 31 Days to Building a Better Blog. It was a great learning experience, although I couldn’t always keep up with the daily assignments … so good luck! While many of the ideas weren’t novel, Darren has an amazing way of getting you to rethink how to [...]

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Marketing Starts with YOU!

Active Rain (email me, for an invitation) is a wonderful community of 140,000+ people involved in all aspects of real estate, mostly realtors sharing ideas, success and helping each other grow their businesses. Today I read a funny article, all about a reporter interviewing realtors. His agenda was set (he did all the talking [...]

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Blogging is A Powerful Communication Vehicle

While there are more than 100 million blogs worldwide, there are hundreds of thousands of people who don’t know what they are, or realize how powerful they are. Here are several examples of how powerful blogging has become … and if you aren’t familiar with blogging (check out this great video on blogging basics). Today [...]

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Business, Blogging and Trees? Where's the Thread

I’m at a technology seminar today. I’ve been to sessions on networking, podcasting and now blogging. There are some really great presenters here and lots of product demos if you want to walk around a bit. Julie Roads, owner of Writing Roads (copywriting for print and web), did a fantastic job talking about Blogging for [...]

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Blogging Tips for Getting Started

Blogging is a journey and each of us will follow our own path. For members of AHP Connect, it is my hope that you won’t have to lose time on lots of detours like I did. I enjoyed the journey and opportunity to learn so many things, and hope you will all benefit by what [...]

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Blogging Roles in WordPress

The blog is up so I guess it’s time to learn the roles each member will have with respect to the blog. There are 5 different roles and it’s important to assign each use the correct one so they can accomplish their roles from everyone being able to log into WordPress, to administrators but not [...]

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