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Fantastic Video Explains Blogging

We all have a few stories to tell, and blogging is a great way to share with friends and people you don’t know … who live anywhere in the world (they just need a computer with access to the Internet). I an incredibly good video with a great overview of blogging. I also think it’s [...]

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Blogging – What Is It?

To help people learn a little more about blogging, I decided to share my goals for this blog … and provide links to some great blogs/websites that explain how to use the technology and more important, how to use blogging to build your business. My goals: Develop expertise in guerrilla marketing AND share what I [...]

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Blogging Takes Practice

Great Blogs Take Practice

My biggest personal challenge in writing my blog is sticking to a single topic. In fact, my wonderful web developer, Julia Belshaw of J-Red Digital Arts, took my first attempt and color coded 6 individual topics. I had fun (not really) separating these into multiple posts. I stumbled on this incredible cross-section of sample blogs [...]

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KD Paine on Blogging

At today’s Women’s Business Center (WBC) breakfast” series, KD Paine, international expert on marketing and PR metrics, did a fantastic job introducing the group to blogging. Katie explained that blogging is not just another communication vehicle to flog your business. She told us blogging is a great opportunity to speak about your passion. It’s an [...]

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Blogging – Advice from BusinessWeek online

Maybe you don’t have a web site yet (not enough money? time?) and would like to find a shortcut to getting your business out there on the Internet. Blogging is a great alternative to a website and with the tools available, you literally can start your blog in a matter of hours … or a [...]

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Writing for Business (Blog Post #5)

Starting this blog hasn’t been easy, and that’s from a “techie” who started using e-mail in 1983. My congratulations to Cindy Morse, Virtually At Your Service, my first friend/small business owner to start a blog. More difficult is deciding which of the many e-Authoring vehicles will work best for your business. To help you get [...]

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