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Web Design – Business & Technical Roles

You typically expect to get more comfortable with a topic after investing a fair amount of time learning a new topic or practicing a new skill. The challenge is determining… When/where to invest your time and when  to delegate? For several years I’ve tried to do it all. After developing the My HandymanNH website, I’ve [...]

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Graphics Design Tips & Which File Type is Best?

For years I’ve been baffled by which file types work best. I’ve learned you want to compress photos for the web to speed up the download time, but you need the huge size when printing photos so I now always save the original just in case. The other big challenge has been combining text with [...]

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Just Plain Fun

Most of what many of us do online is work. We try to stay up on the news, research topics for our work/business, if we have the time we’re likely to research products before purchasing them. Kids probably spend more time online having fun, if they aren’t texting. My husband passed along this link and [...]

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Web Colors: What Are They?

It seems that every web tool uses a different color palette so I’m always guessing at which red I want to use for hilighting text. Through my ActiveRain network, I followed a link to VisiBone’s site where they offered these great color maps with 216 web color codes: Hexadecimal codes (base 16) can be used [...]

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Branding with Color!

I’ve been busy as January was the first month I published two eNewsletters. While I’ve been writing Handyman News for a year and a half, this was my first 4 Walls newsletter, 4 Walls 4 You! What’s really exciting for me is the opportunity to transform 4 Walls 1 Roof from an informal co-marketing group [...]

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