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google places #1 business directory

Business Directory & Local Marketing

A business directory listing in the yellow pages used to be enough! Maybe you had to decide if you had the money for multiple phone books like Yellow Pages and The Talking Phone Book in Portsmouth, NH? The yellow pages were very expensive, more than $6,000 per year for my handyman business (3 phone books). [...]

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Directories clog search engine results; SEO must put you in upper left corner

Online Directories, SEO and Getting Found

When your business is part of the construction industry, you’ve got to be visible in directories. For many years, visibility meant advertising in the yellow pages. Depending on your trade, i.e. plumbing or electrical, yellow pages were your most expensive form of advertising. Online directories are the equivalent of the yellow pages. With 1,000s of [...]

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Keyword Research: Using Google’s Keyword Tool

Keyword research is key to making sure your content gets found by people looking for your products and services. Your information may be great but it won’t help people if they can’t find it. Search engines help people find you online. You get found when you’re visible on page one of search results. Your page [...]

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Mirror, Mirror … Who Do Your Customers See?

First impressions matter a lot. They say people form first impressions in about 3 seconds. Unfortunately this means people form their impressions based on how you look, a huge challenge when you’re nervous. Let’s look at the tools we have for making a first impression. Your hair styled or do you need a haircut? Dressed [...]

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Do-It-Yourself Do’s and Don’ts

To everyone who wants to do it themselves, I applaud you. When I started building the Association of Home Professionals and the Association of Women Home Owners, it was my goal to provide training and tools to help others learn how to do their own marketing. It wasn’t until I got started that I came [...]

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Business Directory Overload: How Many? Which Ones? Help!

There are hundreds of online directories and more popping up every week! Home professionals get unsolicited emails weekly recommending another directory. We occasionally notice a new directory when checking¬† google advertising placement for one of our targeted keywords and realize there’s a new player in our space and their listing is higher than mine? The [...]

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Service Magic seems to dominate by creating millions of web pages with same content, both business listings and articles

Service Magic by Any Name is Still Service Magic

People are always complaining that Service Magic is working to dominate the entire first page of search results by creating lots of new websites, re-purposing all the content they’ve amassed. At the same time, they’re partnering with content sites to offer their contractor referral services but not sure of this as they’re pushing contractor listings [...]

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Tips 4 Our Radio Show Guests to Have Fun

Yikes, you’re thrilled and scared at the same time. You just got invited to be a guest on a national radio show. Relax and accept the invitation if you know and trust the radio show host. When you don’t know the host well, check out some earlier shows to make sure you like what happened, [...]

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