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google places #1 business directory

Business Directory & Local Marketing

A business directory listing in the yellow pages used to be enough! Maybe you had to decide if you had the money for multiple phone books like Yellow Pages and The Talking Phone Book in Portsmouth, NH? The yellow pages were very expensive, more than $6,000 per year for my handyman business (3 phone books). [...]

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Keyword Research: Using Google’s Keyword Tool

Keyword research is key to making sure your content gets found by people looking for your products and services. Your information may be great but it won’t help people if they can’t find it. Search engines help people find you online. You get found when you’re visible on page one of search results. Your page [...]

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Do-It-Yourself Do’s and Don’ts

To everyone who wants to do it themselves, I applaud you. When I started building the Association of Home Professionals and the Association of Women Home Owners, it was my goal to provide training and tools to help others learn how to do their own marketing. It wasn’t until I got started that I came [...]

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Tips 4 Our Radio Show Guests to Have Fun

Yikes, you’re thrilled and scared at the same time. You just got invited to be a guest on a national radio show. Relax and accept the invitation if you know and trust the radio show host. When you don’t know the host well, check out some earlier shows to make sure you like what happened, [...]

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Social Media Etiquette: Follow These Simple Rules?

There are numerous challenges to learning new rules for online interaction. We’re able to communicate with people from many countries and many cultures, each with their own local etiquette. The boundaries between personal and professional relationships are blurred, so it’s not easy to transfer our normal rules online. Some people assume when they’re alone at [...]

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Words NOT to be used when writing anything

What is a GobbledyGook Word?

Wow, what fun to read about gobbledygook words today, bringing back childhood memories. Did we use the term to describe collections of things that didn’t have any other word that worked? Many bloggers work hard doing keyword research to identify the best words to use in our writing,  i.e. to get more search value for [...]

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Get Online Without a Blog

Once upon a time, we only got mail in old fashion mailboxes. We got mail at home, and sometimes we got mail at work … but our children don’t realize that’s the only way we got mail before they were born. Now we get email, and it comes to our “inbox” which differs based on [...]

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Online & Automated Event Management

Organizing an event can be challenging, and more so when after the big day … you have to chase down those who didn’t send in the promised checks. Thanks to another networking group, I discovered EventBrite that eliminates this problem entirely. In the screen shot above, you see an “Early Bird” ticket being offered for [...]

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Sununu Visits Local Women's Business Center

A friend sent me a link to to this article (included below) from Seacoast Online, Business Section. For all business owners, the “lesson learned,” make yourself and your business visible online. When trying to provide links to the 6 business owners in this article I was able to link to 3 business web sites. For [...]

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Writing for Business (Blog Post #5)

Starting this blog hasn’t been easy, and that’s from a “techie” who started using e-mail in 1983. My congratulations to Cindy Morse, Virtually At Your Service, my first friend/small business owner to start a blog. More difficult is deciding which of the many e-Authoring vehicles will work best for your business. To help you get [...]

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