Business Card Basics

Now that I’m focused on building my network, I’ve finally found a technique for organizing the business cards I’ve collected since opening my business. I was baffled for a long time with … which ones to save? how to sort them? organize them so I could find one? With a little bit of technology, here’s [...]

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Publishing a Newsletter – Don’t Do It Alone

When I wrote Co-Marketing With a Friend (9/29/06), Elizabeth of Elizabeth Early Sheehan Organizational Solutions shared her experience working with 2 other business owners to jointly publish a newsletter. They each write articles and distribute the newsletter to their respective client lists to maintain confidentiality. The newsletter is richer than one individual could produce and [...]

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Blogging – Advice from BusinessWeek online

Maybe you don’t have a web site yet (not enough money? time?) and would like to find a shortcut to getting your business out there on the Internet. Blogging is a great alternative to a website and with the tools available, you literally can start your blog in a matter of hours … or a [...]

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Writing for Business (Blog Post #5)

Starting this blog hasn’t been easy, and that’s from a “techie” who started using e-mail in 1983. My congratulations to Cindy Morse, Virtually At Your Service, my first friend/small business owner to start a blog. More difficult is deciding which of the many e-Authoring vehicles will work best for your business. To help you get [...]

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Co-Marketing with a Friend (Blog Post #4)

Each year the Women’s Business Center (WBC) hosts a celebration and showcase to recognize women business ownership in NH. Last year I was one of 10 business owners asked to speak about my business. This year I decided to exhibit (affordable for any business owner) and was pleased with the 40+ names, and more important, [...]

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Community Networking (Blog Post #3)

There are so many networking opportunities available, it’s hard to decide where to spend your time or how many events to attend. To date I’ve focused on events appropriate for my business, My Handyman. At the NH Home Builder and Remodeler meetings I’m able to interact with peers who share similar challenges to those I [...]

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Launching 1000 High Powered Women in NH (Blog Post #2)

I decided to launch the NH 1000 High Powered Women network in early 2006. I’ve met so many wonderful people within the NH small business community that I wanted to share my experience with them, and help grow their respective businesses. It started with an e-mail to 200+ people already in my address book. Here’s [...]

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Paperless Marketing

One of my goals for 2006 is to build a network of 1000 High Powered Women in NH, and the men who support us. I am focused on networking to build my customer base. I also want to share what I learn with others who can help and/or benefit from my experience. I’ve found 2 [...]

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google games like logging in to leave comments on youtube

Google Games: Playing the Google Game

Google games! Google control games! Google wants (can’t) own me! Can’t remember when Google decided you needed to login to … something, in order to leave a comment on YouTube. This is a problem for bloggers who like to interact with great content and their authors. Finally decided if I can’t win the battle (still [...]

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