Marketing and Apple Pie

Originally published by Jeanne Grunert … Do You Have Marketing Tunnel Vision? Among the many entrepreneurs and small business owners I talk to in a given week, marketing tunnel vision runs rampant. What is marketing tunnel vision? It’s the inability or unwillingness to take a big-picture view of their promotional or marketing activities. It’s looking [...]

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Making a Good Impression in Email Communications

Every country and culture has a set of mostly unwritten rules for interacting with others. In the US, most of us have heard of Emily Post’s book, Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home, published in 1922. We probably haven’t read the book but the people around us, especially as children, are [...]

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5 Tips to Successful Blogging

Blogging can be a great way to get your name out there and establish your credibility…if it’s done right. There are certain guidelines that you should follow if you want to get the best results from your efforts. To help you start leveraging online relationships to build your business, here are basic tips for blogging [...]

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Social Media Etiquette: Follow These Simple Rules?

There are numerous challenges to learning new rules for online interaction. We’re able to communicate with people from many countries and many cultures, each with their own local etiquette. The boundaries between personal and professional relationships are blurred, so it’s not easy to transfer our normal rules online. Some people assume when they’re alone at [...]

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Branding You & How Are You Unique?

While listening to an Active Rain webinar, I realized there were some really great tips to share here at the Association of Home Professionals. The speaker was  Kendra Todd, and you’re asking … who is Kendra Todd? Kendra was hired by Donald Trump at the end of the third season of The Apprentice, the first [...]

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Marketing with Friends

You are not alone when thinking about networking to build your business gives you chills. Marketing and sales aren’t natural for most people. It simply isn’t comfortable talking about yourself, especially when you don’t know someone well. Do you remember when you started your business? or took on a new role where you had to [...]

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Video, Today’s Marketing Must Have

While I’m a visual learner and like to include at least one photo in each of my articles, the coming video tidal wave takes online marketing to a whole new level. For home professionals, this is both good … and bad news. Good News “Our Work is Visual” – Home professionals are experts in their [...]

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People, Not Target Customers

Talk About People: Not Customers, Not Consumers, Not Users Change is happening lightening fast these days, so one way to learn new things is by following the lead of those you respect. Janice Campbell is one of these leaders, so I decided in accept her blog challenge, and hope to get ideas for members here. [...]

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Building Your Sphere of Influence

Social Media: Fight or Join?

When we’re children, our job is to go to school and learn. When we graduate, learning no longer is the focus of our daily life but as the world changes, we need to keep learning new technical skills, and with today’s social media revolution … we also need to learn new ways of communicating. It’s [...]

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Marketing to Baby Boomers

As a home professional, you need to understand who your customer is, not just the age or their home. You need to understand their lifestyle, their priorities in how they spend money and how they make buying decisions. An article in the National Networker, What Boomers Want: Tips for Marketing to the Spending Generation, inspired [...]

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