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How to Really "Get to Your Customers"

By Joy Gendusa, Postcard Mania What Really Makes Your Postcard Mailing Successful? The biggest single factor in the success of your postcard mailings is who you send your postcards to. You need a list of people or businesses to send your postcard offer to. This can be a list of existing customers or prospects who [...]

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Online User Preferences for Web Content

Reading an article, Brands seek order in media chaos, at eConsultancy. I’m still learning the strengths of the different social media sites, and how they can be used to build the Association of Home Professionals. I found the following statistics interesting. According to IDC research analyst Caroline Dangson: 73% consumers want content to be free [...]

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Balancing Marketing and Sales

OK, I admit I’m not a marketing guru … yet. Working for IBM, I knew there were IBM marketing reps … and now I know they’re really sales reps but marketing rep sounds better? I’ve also learned every small business owner is first and foremost, a sales person, and I’m learning that the first thing [...]

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Marketing Basics: Turning Your World Upside Down

While new to marketing, I love the challenge of constantly reinventing yourself, your business and how you spread the word. What prompted this post was reading Mike Smith’s article, 17 Marketing Ideas You (Probably) Haven’t Been Using. Most of his recommendations deal with online tactics, but he started with the basic business card and suggested [...]

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