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Get Online Without a Blog

Once upon a time, we only got mail in old fashion mailboxes. We got mail at home, and sometimes we got mail at work … but our children don’t realize that’s the only way we got mail before they were born. Now we get email, and it comes to our “inbox” which differs based on [...]

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Networking: Does Online Replace Offline?

There is a lot of good discussion about the role of social media in our lives. In fact, it’s not the only significant change in our lives but seems to overshadow the other significant change which is global, that Americans can no longer ignore what’s happening around the world. I continue to read articles hoping [...]

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Business, Blogging and Trees? Where's the Thread

I’m at a technology seminar today. I’ve been to sessions on networking, podcasting and now blogging. There are some really great presenters here and lots of product demos if you want to walk around a bit. Julie Roads, owner of Writing Roads (copywriting for print and web), did a fantastic job talking about Blogging for [...]

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Marketing Basics: Turning Your World Upside Down

While new to marketing, I love the challenge of constantly reinventing yourself, your business and how you spread the word. What prompted this post was reading Mike Smith’s article, 17 Marketing Ideas You (Probably) Haven’t Been Using. Most of his recommendations deal with online tactics, but he started with the basic business card and suggested [...]

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