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How to Really "Get to Your Customers"

By Joy Gendusa, Postcard Mania What Really Makes Your Postcard Mailing Successful? The biggest single factor in the success of your postcard mailings is who you send your postcards to. You need a list of people or businesses to send your postcard offer to. This can be a list of existing customers or prospects who [...]

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Analyzing What You Write

HubSpot has some great and  FREE tools to analyze your web site and give you feedback plus recommendations on how to improve your site.  Today I found a new tool that analyzes what you are writing! While it’s focus is on better press releases, I’ve had fun pasting some of my blog posts into the [...]

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Words NOT to be used when writing anything

What is a GobbledyGook Word?

Wow, what fun to read about gobbledygook words today, bringing back childhood memories. Did we use the term to describe collections of things that didn’t have any other word that worked? Many bloggers work hard doing keyword research to identify the best words to use in our writing,  i.e. to get more search value for [...]

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Marketing Starts with YOU!

Active Rain (email me, tinagleisner@pobox.com for an invitation) is a wonderful community of 140,000+ people involved in all aspects of real estate, mostly realtors sharing ideas, success and helping each other grow their businesses. Today I read a funny article, all about a reporter interviewing realtors. His agenda was set (he did all the talking [...]

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Balancing Marketing and Sales

OK, I admit I’m not a marketing guru … yet. Working for IBM, I knew there were IBM marketing reps … and now I know they’re really sales reps but marketing rep sounds better? I’ve also learned every small business owner is first and foremost, a sales person, and I’m learning that the first thing [...]

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Marketing Basics: Turning Your World Upside Down

While new to marketing, I love the challenge of constantly reinventing yourself, your business and how you spread the word. What prompted this post was reading Mike Smith’s article, 17 Marketing Ideas You (Probably) Haven’t Been Using. Most of his recommendations deal with online tactics, but he started with the basic business card and suggested [...]

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Getting Heard with 100,000s Marketing Merssages

Just had to share these numbers with you … as they’re huge, scary and representative of the challenge every small business owner faces each day. Thanks to Lani and Allen Volvod for sharing on their blog. The average person today is exposed to: 3,500 marketing messages a day! 24,000 messages A WEEK! 1.7 million a [...]

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Treat Customers Like People

I volunteered at our local Habitat for Humanity event last weekend. With my husband leading the International Sidewalk Astronomy night in Portsmouth, I went to the fund raiser as a guest and volunteer. At checkout, most people gave me their auction number. I explained we preferred learning their names … so they smiled and introduced [...]

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Shifting Marketplace Trends

I’ve often read about the need to watch for even minute changes in the marketplace but never really understood this well. An article in the Wall Street Journal titled “The Bargain Bride,” provides a great example of numerous changes in a market we can understand. The wedding gown business is relatively stable with 2.1 million [...]

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What is Your Personal Brand?

When I first opened My Handyman, Kathleen Soldati (now the Marketing Director for The Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH) suggested i develop a public personality for my business. I wasn’t ready for this idea as I’d always been a leader working “behind the scenes” which was where I was comfortable. Last week Kathleen was a [...]

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