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Building Your Sphere of Influence

Social Media: Fight or Join?

When we’re children, our job is to go to school and learn. When we graduate, learning no longer is the focus of our daily life but as the world changes, we need to keep learning new technical skills, and with today’s social media revolution … we also need to learn new ways of communicating. It’s [...]

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Social Media: Do You Know What It Is?

Most people equate social media to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. That’s a common mistake because that’s what people are talking about. Facebook and Twitter are making news, to get into the news … as they compete against each other. Many people are connecting online for personal reasons, i.e. Facebook is where families [...]

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Twitter is for Building Relationships

We all know that social media is changing the way we do business.  Twitter is one of the fastest-growing social media sites, and with good reason.  Not only is it easy – but it can help grow your business.  Here is some information on Twitter, and how to use it first to build relationships … [...]

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Tips and Tools to Connect the Social Media Dots

Want to get involved with social media but don’t have a lot of time to invest? You are right to be concerned so here are some tips for making the time you invest as valuable as possible … so why not start now? Stay focused on WHO is your customer and WHERE you are most [...]

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Branding: You? Your Business? or Both?

In school we learned about the Industrial Revolution. We grew up during the technology revolution which started with massive computers. Now we all have computers on our desks and access to the Internet. The younger generations are into texting, and soon iPhones will become the communication tool of choice. Connect > Communicate > Build Relationships [...]

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Social Media: Your Profile is Only Step #1

A friend told me “… I signed up but have not gotten any leads yet.” I realized there are many business owners who expect results almost immediately after signing up on one or more social media sites. When I created the My Handyman blog, I was told it would take 3 to 6 months until [...]

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Get Online Without a Blog

Once upon a time, we only got mail in old fashion mailboxes. We got mail at home, and sometimes we got mail at work … but our children don’t realize that’s the only way we got mail before they were born. Now we get email, and it comes to our “inbox” which differs based on [...]

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Networking: Does Online Replace Offline?

There is a lot of good discussion about the role of social media in our lives. In fact, it’s not the only significant change in our lives but seems to overshadow the other significant change which is global, that Americans can no longer ignore what’s happening around the world. I continue to read articles hoping [...]

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Twitter: It's All About Relationships

LinkedIn seems natural to use if you have a corporate background. Facebook is relatively easy to navigate and most people find it the easiest of the social media sites to get comfortable with, although there are some challenges sorting out the identity you want to present (personal vs business). Twitter has been the most challenging [...]

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Online User Preferences for Web Content

Reading an article, Brands seek order in media chaos, at eConsultancy. I’m still learning the strengths of the different social media sites, and how they can be used to build the Association of Home Professionals. I found the following statistics interesting. According to IDC research analyst Caroline Dangson: 73% consumers want content to be free [...]

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