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Like every skill you learn, writing takes practice

Writing for Business: Can You Tell a Story?

Writing about your business involves many things. Most people, when I suggest they write an article, say I can’t write. If you can tell a story, then you can write! My goal is to show why you are more qualified to tell your story than anyone else. I totally understand why you think you can’t [...]

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Writing to Inform and Entertain

Don’t groan! Don’t sigh! Don’t tell me you can’t write! You can write as I’ve worked with more than 20 home services professionals and all but one could write. It’s not magic. Like everything else, it’s takes practice to learn to read, drive a car, run your business and share your expertise by writing. Why [...]

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Analyzing What You Write

HubSpot has some great and FREE tools to analyze your web site and give you feedback plus recommendations on how to improve your site. Today I found a new tool that analyzes what you are writing! While it’s focus is on better press releases, I’ve had fun pasting some of my blog posts into the [...]

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Writing for Business (Blog Post #5)

Starting this blog hasn’t been easy, and that’s from a “techie” who started using e-mail in 1983. My congratulations to Cindy Morse, Virtually At Your Service, my first friend/small business owner to start a blog. More difficult is deciding which of the many e-Authoring vehicles will work best for your business. To help you get [...]

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