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About You – What People Want to Know

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me. In the King and I, Anna tells her new students how she wants to get to know them. Our lives are full of relationships with those we’re related to by birth, by where we live, [...]

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**Writing Tips: How Many Words?

So many people say they can’t write. What does that really mean? If you started a discussion, they would probably talk comfortably for 20 minutes, some more than an hour (stop laughing now). Everyone is different.  Some people like to read, others would rather watch a movie and still others might enjoy good music while [...]

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Write Your Way to Success

The following article by Adrienne Moch was published at WomensMedia.com. It does such a nice job of demystifying the task of writing for business, that I wanted to share it here. Could you be writing your way out of business? It’s a possibility…if you lack the ability to communicate well in your written marketing materials, [...]

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Analyzing What You Write

HubSpot has some great and  FREE tools to analyze your web site and give you feedback plus recommendations on how to improve your site.  Today I found a new tool that analyzes what you are writing! While it’s focus is on better press releases, I’ve had fun pasting some of my blog posts into the [...]

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Writing Articles

Over the last few years I’ve written numerous articles for publication in traditional print and online publications. Some of this writing I’ve found enjoyable and helpful as I am continually developing my written voice. I’ve learned that each person will ultimately find their own writing style, i.e. the number of words they write naturally when [...]

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